Our revamped Xero integration, ready for 2016


At Vend, we want to help you run the world’s best retail with everything you need to manage and grow your business. That includes partnering with other world-leading business apps like Xero online accounting, who we’ve been working with since 2010. Using Vend and Xero together can make a big difference to retailers – helping them to be more efficient, save time and more easily keep a track of their sales and revenue.

And, in the past six months we’ve been working hard to revamp our integration with Xero to bring our retailers a service that’s better than ever.

Our new features give retailers greater insights into their profitability and provide a better experience when using Vend and Xero together. We received some great suggestions from our customers and have made some big improvements as a result – and there’s more coming in 2016.

Check-out our latest features we’ve added so far:

  • Posting cost-of-goods-sold (COGS) to Xero

COGS automatically sync to Xero and are recognised when they are sold. It’s now easy to get an accurate snapshot of how your business is truly performing in real-time. Easily view your profit against your total operating expenses and keep tabs on your overall profit or loss. Find out more here

  • Payment due dates for account sales

Select the due date for all accounts receivable invoices from your on-account sales to match your Xero default due date. Invoicing is streamlined and manual edits are eliminated. Find out more.

  • Bulk account payments

We’ve made it possible to pay off multiple account sales or laybys (layaways) against a single customer in a single transaction. You can now do this in Vend as well as Xero and payments will sync across automatically. Find out more.

  • Vend to Xero customer sync

Your contacts also sync between Vend and Xero. Now any updates to customer details you make in Vend will automatically update in Xero too. Find out more.


We’ve also released some user experience upgrades that we hope will make it simpler and easier when navigating between Vend and Xero. For example, we’ve improved the design and layout of the Xero settings page, so it’s easier to find what you’re looking for. And there is now a quick link in Vend that allows you to check which Xero account the store is connected to – great if you’re managing multiple businesses. We’ve also made changes to things like error messaging and invoice numbers for account sales – it’s been a busy few months!

You can link your Vend store and Xero accounting software in minutes and best of all, it’s free!

For more information check out our website or see our support guide here.

Xero + Vend from Xero on Vimeo.

About Kate Webby

Kate is the guardian of communications at Vend. Her love of retail began with ice cream (selling it at music festivals), jewellery (selling it in department stores), and badly made coffee (serving it in cafes). Having lived and worked for technology companies across the oceans, Kate loves sharing Vend's story and the success of its amazing customers around the world.

  • Gavin Bottrell

    Fantastic Advice- many small businesses need to read and follow your pointers! Well Done!

    Gavin Bottrell



  • Andrew Crawford

    I think Gavin is a bot as this article is information re updates and improvements not advice. Why only the one comment in 15 days? Is there a member login comment section that isn’t visible? Can I post without having my email address displayed? I used a made up one for this post.

  • Andrew Crawford

    Kate, these are a few features that bug me, maybe you can add them to the development list. I know it will already be long.
    1. Deleting a duplicate customer – I would rather merge a duplicate customer as deleting deletes history. Plus I couldn’t flick the old invoices across on Account sales like I was able to do with non Account sales.
    2 Invoices voided in Vend not updating in Xero. Because of this I can’t trust my Xero Debtor’s ledger. I now look back into the sales history of each debtor to make sure each unpaid sale is a sale. Takes time but it is better than chasing up a voided sale.
    3 Payment terms defaulting to Xero default. What about the other customers with different payment terms. The solution fixes some but not all, I change the default to 20th following which fixes some but not all. It is a very weak fix. It would be nice to have a field in Vend for payment terms that updates when Xero updates. I recently changed a customer from 7 days to 20th following but have to change the due date for each sale and it is several sales per week. I don’t know how anyone could think this fix was acceptable.
    4 Emailing reciepts. I can’t get this working. Jakob is onto it but he can’t get it working. At present we print to pdf and then attach the receipt to an email. Looking forward to having htis function working.
    5 This one is personal. I don’t like misspelt emails, Nadrew for example or a seanky which I worked out meant sneaky – I want solutions not confusion. I also don’t like the casualness of email replies – I wasn’t ‘reaching out’ and I don’t need ‘oh shoot forgot about those’ or ‘all fixed mate’. I need support but sometimes I feel like Vend is in another universe. Like who refers to employees as ‘guardians’?

    Anyway I look forward to the improvements. Voided sales is a problem but we have a work around in place, outside the Vend-Xero integration, same with the due dates.


  • Nick Dorogavtsev