New! Sell and redeem gift cards with Vend


We’ve just updated Vend for web and our Vend iPad app to add something you and your customers will love – gift cards!

Not only are gift cards the most requested item for birthdays and holidays, they’re also great for your bottom line, with 65% of gift card redeemers spending almost 40% above the value of their card! Now we’ve made it easy for you to sell and redeem professional, flexible, and customizable gift cards using Vend.

Gift cards are completely free on Vend’s Advanced and Multi-Outlet plans. And, you don’t need to worry if you’re switching to Vend’s new Sell screen – it’s linked to your current backend system, just like the previous Sell screen was. All reporting, inventory and sales data will be updated automatically, as usual. 

Already a Vend customer? Log in using your admin account to enable gift cards in your store* 

*Only admin users can enable gift cards, but once enabled all users can sell and redeem them.

Vend’s gift cards in a nutshell:

Gift cards in actionHassle free
When you enable gift cards, they automatically appear as a product and payment type in your store. You can load in whatever amount you want at the time of sale, and redeem them using a barcode scanner or by typing in the code. And you don’t have to lose any current gift card data – you can simply import it into the new system.

Gift cards your way
Make your own gift cards, buy them from a vendor, or use our preferred supplier to get a discount and help with your designs.

Let your brand shine
Gift cards in actionGet creative with your gift cards. Hire a designer or get out the craft kit and make them yourself. All you need to get going are unique codes.

Sell and redeem
Use Vend on your web browser, or the Vend Register for iPad app to sell and redeem gift cards.

How to enable gift cards in Vend:

  1. First, make sure you’re using Vend on a Mac or PC or Vend on iPad. If you’re not already using Vend, now’s the time to take a look – we’ve also added Vantiv integrated payments (US), Tyro integrated payments (Australia), loyalty, and returns.
  2. Log in to your Vend account and head to Setup > Gift Cards (or click here)
  3. This page will help you set up gift cards in your store. If you need any more help, make sure you check out our handy Help Center article or Training Webinars.

Learn more about gift cards by heading to Vend U, joining a training webinar, or reading our Help Center guide.

About Angela LaPointe

Angela looks after product marketing at Vend with a particular penchant for payments (say that 10 times fast). Born and raised across America (she's lived in 9 states and visited 48 altogether!) Angela now lives down-under. She works hard to get Vend's amazing new product launches out to customers, and is the biggest, and probably only, Washington Capitals hockey fan in New Zealand.

  • Tom Cooper

    Can gift cards be topped up?

  • Juli Anna

    Is there a list where I can see all the used Gift Card numbers?

  • Nina

    Curious: what would be the suggested procedure for a stolen or lost card for this set up? Also, I’d like to know if these cards are reusable? i.e. Can customers top the cards up and can we monitor their usage via vend? Thanks In advance.

  • Mary Froemke

    I see this was asked twice in the past year & still not answered – Can gift cards be re-charged? and can they be refunded to? ie: if a customer wants to make a return outside of the store’s refund policy time period, but is eligible for refund to store credit, can the balance of the return/refund be issued to a gift card directly? Or do you have to make two separate transactions (a refund & a sale) to achieve this?

  • Hamish Mcgregor

    Do you have to use physical cards? Eg Can you issue e-cards via email (eg with number and pin).

    • Gift Up!

      Hi Hamish, we ( are working on an integration with Vend where our digital gift cards can be used as payment. It’s completely free with no monthly fee. It’s got all the functionality that you would expect from a digital gift card; Apple/Android wallet integration, top-up capability and much more…